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Product Specification:

Product Brand: AQUAMID
Application: Professional
Product Capacity: 100
Packaging Size: 1 ml


  • 30 days of money-back guaranteed.
  • Refer to the package for instructions before use.
  • All products are third-party tested.
  • Not recommended for use under 21.

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Like most lip fillers, the Aquamid Reconstruction Filler is a non-absorbent, injectable, transparent, hydrophilic soft tissue augmentation gel. It, however, contains about 2.5% crosslinked polyacrylamide and 97.5% pyrogenic water. Also slightly viscous compared to other dermal fillers, such as Juvederm fillers, it’s a biocompatible as well as a biologically non-degradable hydrogel. The hydrogel is stuffed in a sterile Luer Lock 1 ml syringe sealed with a cap. Intended for subcutaneous administration using a sterile 25/27G needle.

Benefits of Aquamid filler include:

  • Increasing volume of lips, cheeks, and chin.
  • Correction of deep nasolabial wrinkles.
  • Nose correction.
  • Correction of scars.
  • Increased knee volume, lower leg volume, and also leaf volume.
  • Correction of recesses and asymmetry

Common FAQs

How long do Aquamid fillers last?

The Aquamid filler is a unique soft-volume filler with immediate results. It is a long-lasting product that is non-resorbable, non-toxic, and non-allergenic for facial correction. Unlike temporary fillers, they usually last for 5-15 years.

Can Aquamid be removed?

Removal of  Aqumid filler (Polyacrylamide Hydrogel) is possible and easy even after several years of implant.

How much is a single vial of Aquamid filler?

The price may vary depending on the currency but usually costs between $80 to $75 per vial.


1 vial, 5 vials, 10 vials, 25 vials, 50 vials

2 reviews for Aquamid filler injectable for sale

  1. Julian

    Great product! This product is the best lip fillers I have used so far. The Aquamid brand of products are know for their authenticity and efficiency.

    • Miguel

      Hi Julian, We do appreciate the positive feedback.

  2. Debra

    The Aquamid injectable filler is now my number one lip filler. This product is so unique in many ways. It is definitely worth trying out.

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